Kryjan Structural Engineering specialises in providing design services in relation to civil structures.

Our target customers are architects, owners, contractors, fabrication plants and self-builders. We are based in Białystok, Poland.

Our Services

Design services in relation to civil structures

We provide a complete range of structural design services from the conceptual stage, through planning approval documents to the detailed engineering phase of design. Our expertise includes designing of steel, reinforced concrete, timber, masonry and composite structures.

Construction documents for steel structures

We develop construction plans of steel structures for other architectural design/ engineering firms, general contractors and owners.
The customer gets a 3D model of the structure.

Structural steel detailing documentation

We provide steel detailing as required by steel fabrication shops. The detailing documentation includes:
– shop drawings in dwg and pdf file formats,
– bills of materials in xls or pdf file format,
– blanking plans for metal plates and sections in dxf file format,
– NC files,
– 3D model of the structure in ifc/dwg/sat file format.

Structural value engineering

We provide value engineering services for steel and reinforced concrete structures. After the process of value engineering the structures meet the requirements of all the relevant codes of practice.

Structural calculations

We develop computational models and perform strength calculations of building structures.
We carry out calculations of complicated steel connections and joints.

Why choose us?

Well thought-out details

Optimum detailing that minimises the amount of materials while meeting the strength requirements is always the objective.


For complex calculations of building structures we use Advance Design – a reputed software application from GRAITEC. With the innovative IDEA StatiCa Connection software we can design steel connections of any geometry and any degree of complexity.


Our team has many years of experience, which we have gained on many projects with budgets reaching into tens of millions of euro.

Quality of our deliverables

Our top-shelf software for designing steel and reinforced concrete structures respectively produce a high quality, clear design documentation.

Quick response

The questions arising during site works have always the highest priority. The revisions of drawings are produced as soon as possible so as to avoid cessation of work.


We produce detailed 3d models of the structures we design along with details, reinforcement and accessories, which are the basis for the development of final drawing documentation. Thanks to this, the risk of project errors or lack of coordination is almost zero.