Steel structures

We are proud of our vast experience in designing steel structures, including 3D detailing carried out in Tekla Structures. We use IDEA Statica Connections to calculate and design safe and economical connections and nodes of steel structures. While in most cases we provide our services throughout all the stages of the process we are also ready to start at a later stage, i.e. from the construction documentation or even shop detailing based on third-part planning approval documents.
The construction documentation includes development of a 3D model of the designed steel structure, including reinforced concrete components.
If requested by the Owner or by the General Contractor we perform value engineering of the designed structure. The deliverables include all the required construction drawings and strength calculations, all of which are prepared by a competent design engineer. After value engineering the structures meet the requirements of all the relevant codes of practice.
We provide steel detailing as required by steel fabrication shops. The detailing documentation includes:– drawings in dwg and pdf formats,
– bills of materials in xls or pdf file format,
– blanking plans for metal plates and sections in dxf file format,
– NC files,
– 3D model of the structure in ifc/dwg/sat file format.
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