Steel structure designed according to Eurocodes wit hgerman national annexes. Made of SHS profiles, covered with sandwich panels. Connections as simple as possible, checked with IdeaStatica. Shop and erection drawings made with Advance Steel.

Agricultural manufactory, Modliborzyce, Poland

We provided value engineering services for steel and reinforced concrete structure. We provided all construction plans, detailed drawings and lists. Total area: about 1900 sq. m Saved money: over 100 000 euro After the process of value engineering the structures meet the requirements of all the relevant codes of practice. Steel detailing with #AdvanceSteel Steel connections checked with #IdeaStatica

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Building’s structure designed in 2017 by Krzysztof Kryjan. Building founded on CFA piles.

Preparing SHS trusses for hot dip galvanising with #IDEAStatica. #konstrukcjestalowe #steelstructures #konstruktorbudowlany #kryjan
Hot dip galvanising of trusses made of SHS sections is not a problem but it requires additional checking of joints and details weakened by technological holes.

#Commercialbuilding #Biedronka #Suwałki. #Steelstructure designed in 2017 by Krzysztof #Kryjan. Unusual geometry of the roof wasn’t a problem during #steelerection.

Project made in #advancesteel

#steelstructure soon in erection.

original project – castellated beams and plate girders – over 50T of steel

optimized project – trusses with square hollow sections – less then 17T